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Strategic Simplicity


Frankly, the challenge with this whole retirement/wealth planning/preservation process is that it can get complicated. It can literally get to the point where “the experts” are on one side of the table talking and pointing to charts and graphs and brochures, and you’re on the other side, glassy-eyed.

Even though you have a lot of legitimate questions, comments, and input about your specific situation, sometimes the only thing you feel comfortable saying is, “Just do what you guys think is best.”

It shouldn’t be that way! This is your life. Your retirement. Your family’s future. The process needs to be better. The meetings clearer. The solutions simpler.


  1. We meet and get to know each other. What are your goals, your needs? What are you looking for? The focus is not a boxed product or plan; it is you. We will also explain what we do and how we do it. The idea is that Veritas Wealth Advisors is a team. Our competitors may send you to many different outside experts to achieve a complete plan. We coordinate with outside professionals and specialists to help streamline the process. Then we’ll answer any and all questions you may have and get an idea for how a long-term relationship would feel. 

  2. The second step of our process can be summarized in one word: clarity! We’ll meet again to develop a strategic plan for you, utilizing our “Strategic Preservation Process.” Please don’t let the name scare you—it’s simply a plan, an outline of your situation and goals based on what is important in your life, and a practical way to get there.

  3. When you’ve had time to think about what we presented, we’ll meet again to answer your questions and start the Legacy Preservation Plan*. Then we’ll set up periodic meetings to review our progress in relation to your goals. One thing is for certain: execution, monitoring, and ongoing evaluation of your Plan is essential.